Q-Leanna's "Lucinda" Von Mulan "Lucy"

Registration ID: MQ20002-4
Breed: F2 Mastiff
Birth Date: Aug. 23, 2020
Sex: Female
Sire: Mulan
Dam: Q-Leanna
Litter: Q-Leanna X Mulan 2020

10-17-20: Lucinda is a soft dog that will be very easy to train. She is a lap dog and loves to watch the world go by in your lap (at this age).
As she matures she will be a lay down and let everyone pet me, even the cat and baby chicks. She will do almost everything you ask her to do, if you give her a nice reward. She is a thinker, so please let her think it over and give her time to do what it is she was told to do. She wants to get it right. Read my 'handbook for new puppy owners' and follow all the trainings.

Lucy and Lois
Lucy All Grown Up

Q-Leanna's "Lucinda" Von Mulan "Lucy" X Sela's "Okra" Von Naga "Onyx" 2022

About the Litter (American Alsatian)

Puppy Name Price Photo

Test Birth Scores
(Oct. 17, 2020)
Intelligence (process of thought) 9
Pitch of/Vocal sounds 10
Barking 9
Whining and talking back 10
Prey drive 8
Chewing 8
Swallowing stuff 9
Dominance/aggression towards humans 10
Challenging owner/trainer 10
Child friendly 10
Dominance/aggression towards other dogs 10
Dominance/aggression towards smaller animals 10
Soft/hard bite (mouth) 10
Touch sensitivity 10
Emotional sensitivity 9
Sound sensitivity 10
Ease of training for the average person 10
Velcro (not wanting to wander) 9
Genetic hyperness or Energy level (pacing the fence line) 10
Investigative or inquisitive (independence) 9
Stubborness (doing what it wants instead of what you want) 9
Eating of feces 10
Sanitational pooping in the designated spot 10
Sloppy drinking 9
Age of life 12
Health issues 0
Retrieving or carrying objects 9
Digging 9
Conformation 9
Girth 10
Eyes 9
Nose 10
Girth of Skull 10
Length of Tail 10
Feet 10
Neck 10
Topline 10
Gait 10
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