Stella's "Elsie" Von Winston

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Saoirse Stella x Winston pup art
Registration ID: WS20001
Breed: F2 Mastiff
Birth Date: May 25, 2020
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Pink
Sire: Saigon's Quarter Back von Q "Winston"
Dam: Saigon's "Stella" Stealth Von Topper
Litter: Winston X Stella 2020


Born: 5-25-20

  • Conformation: 8
  • small
  • weight: 90
  • Temperament: 7
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Trainability: 8
  • Prey Drive: 8
  • Should live up to 14 years
  • Scores as of: 6-2-20

Elsie is a pain in the butt as a pup. Too hyper but not as hyper as her siblings. Standoffish towards authority humans but is way too smart to know who doesn't know dogs and will get away with putting humans on the bottom of the pack. She is very agile and can climb, walk on roof tops and get over or under anything. She does have prey drive and likes her food. She will growl at any dog that looks at what is hers, but she is not aggressive for the most part.

Because she is the oldest dog in the kennels, she assumes top bitch position when she can bully the other dog into thinking she can hold her own. She is not a mean dog nor is she a dominate dog. She is capable of doing anything you ask of her, but... her mastiff insides are a bit stubborn, unless there is food involved.

She is highly aware of everything that is going on and knows where everything is located. She can do rescue work as quick as a flash as she would love to find people or animals etc... She is faster than a rottweiler but not as fast as a GSD. She does have a thicker bone that is kind of round. Her mastiff side gives her a nice head and muzzle. Not pointed nor long.

Her tail is a bit curled like a saber and does have a quirk at the end. Her and Pepper were the only two sables in the litter. Her mom and grandfather were Creams. She reminds me a lot of Saigon. She is sensitive in her emotions.

She is in tune with nature and would be able to alert you to any medical conditions or threats. She would not allow a stranger to come through the window at night. She is friendly in the daytime to all people, unless there is something wrong with them, something, evil... she is respectful of autistic persons and will give them a wide birth until you tell her it is ok. She will not like a new person (stranger) being quick towards her. She loves her pack and is dedicated.

Health Record

Duramune Max 5 - 12/27/2021

Was bred with her brother Pepper and had better than both parent pups. Well mannered and aware.

She will be bred with Laddy-Boy her third heat to produce our first out-crosses AA x Collie pups.. There may be both Fox and Wolf in this litter. 2023 spring/summer.

Elsie is in heat 3/19, not ready yet though.

Photo Gallery

Saoirse Stella x Winston pup art
elsie and stella
Elsie and her mom Stella
stella pups mia arlington pepper and elsie
Ellsie is sitting on the cement blocks. The other pups are her siblings. She was the laid back pup of the litter
Elsie Puppy
Elsie as a puppy.
Elsie Growing Up
Elsie Growing Up
Elsie Face

Test Scores

Test Birth Scores
Intelligence (process of thought) 10 +
Pitch of/Vocal sounds 8
Barking 9
Whining and talking back 10
Prey drive 7
Chewing 7
Swallowing stuff 9
Dominance/aggression towards humans 10
Challenging owner/trainer 9
Child friendly 10
Dominance/aggression towards other dogs 7
Dominance/aggression towards smaller animals 7
Soft/hard bite (mouth) 7
Touch sensitivity 8
Emotional sensitivity 8
Sound sensitivity 10
Ease of training for the average person 9
Velcro (not wanting to wander) 7
Genetic hyperness or Energy level (pacing the fence line) 7
Investigative or inquisitive (independence) 7
Stubborness (doing what it wants instead of what you want) 8
Eating of feces 10
Sanitational pooping in the designated spot 8
Sloppy drinking 9 whiskers
Age of life 14
Health issues 10
Retrieving or carrying objects 6
Digging 5
Conformation 8
Girth 6
Eyes 9
Ears 6
Nose 9
Girth of Skull 8
Length of Tail 8
Feet 8
Neck 8
Topline 7
Gait 9


Saigon's Quarter Back von Q "Winston" Mr Q Ball
Swan's Saigon Von Finn Booker T/Moody Blue
Rosie's Black Swan
Saigon's "Stella" Stealth Von Topper Vallecito's Top Secret Vallecito's Skye's Christmas Grinch
Corona's Shennara Von Merlin
Swan's Saigon Von Finn Booker T/Moody Blue
Rosie's Black Swan


Pepper X Elsie 2021

About the Litter (American Alsatian)

Elsie was bred to her brother 'Pepper' in her first season in hopes of getting any fox project pups. What we ended up getting was Saigon duplicates as Saigon was the grandmother on both sides (4x) which quadrupled all dogs down the line in the Saigon's pedigree. We also doubled Winston which is and F-1 out of Englsih Mastiff lines so we ended up getting some very LARGE puppies which blew me away.

Saigon is not a really LARGE dog, so i thought she would make smaller pups in the uplines, especially since the mother of these two dogs "Stella" was not a large dog herself. Put that together with the INBREEDING going on, and i figured we would get small pups. Well that did not happen. We got DIREWOLVES...

At the time of this writting, her brother is now a mastiff direwolf, with a very thick neck and broad shoulders. He was the runt of the litter! Go figure??? Very slow growing into his own.

Elsie herself was slow in growth and both Pepper and Elsie were what i considered the 'runts' of the litter.

We were going to keep the JOKER but God put a new owner in front of me that needed him. We could always rebred this litter again since we only had 2 pups.

Elsie's "Joker" von Pepper

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Black

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Elsie's "KC" von Pepper

Sex: Male
Collar Color: None

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