Pebbles Piper Von Pepper - Fox Project

Registration ID: PP3001-1
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Oct. 16, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Turquoise
Sire: Stella's "Pepper" Logan Von Winston
Dam: Vallecito's Little Bo Peep "Pebbles"
Litter: Pepper X Pebbles 2022


Fox Project Male Vulpes Fox Project

12/10/2022 This boy is finally putting on some weight. Potty training is going well and he sits at the door when he needs to go out. Whines when in the crate and needs to go potty. Doesn't have accidents in his crate, but if you aren't paying attention and aren't around, as with all babies, he will go potty in the house if you don't see him! So, we watch him closely for changing ways that he lets us know he needs to go potty when he is playing in the living room with us.

Very smart boy, but will ignore you if he chooses to chase the cat outside (he likes to go on walk abouts with them!) and he is in his teenage years now! Minding his own business and not listening to you on occasion. Again, puppy syndrome is a real thing! He is inquisitive and smart and velcro, just like we like them!

11/7/2022 This guy is an absolute ham! He won't be very big, but he is full of himself. Thinks he is a big boy! Lol This biy will do well with anyone but will need a firm hand to make sure he doesn't push his way into getting everything he wants.

10/31/2022 Feeling better, but still not wanting to eat much, Piper is inside and getting spoiled! His stool is great, but he has a few eye boogers. Eating eggs and getting electrolytes in his water just because, he is putting on weight at a good pace! With his mom and dad not being very big pups, I am not surprised that this guy is so small. I'm estimating him to be on the low 90's side.

10/29/2022 This boy and one of his litter mates had a few tummy troubles and has been in the house, but he is up and around and he thinks he is 10 feet tall and bullet proof! This little guy has no fear! Very bold and highly intelligent! Must have a knowledgeable owner/family. He won't be the biggest in town, but with his muddy yellow eyes, up ears and inquisitive stare, he will get looks!

This boy would work well in families or with single folks. He will gp camping, take hikes and be adventurous with you at a moments notice, but he LOVES laying down and cuddling/sleeping when the energy is spent! (Remember, the mor time you expose these pups to the world, the more they will grow to adapt to the things in their way!, teach them to be slow and quiet and to think, and they will. As this boy grows, we will guide him to be alert, but patient and to not go head into things. We will appeal to his genetics and the core of who he is. A thinker, who analyses the situation before moving.)

10/10/2022 This is a more serious pup. He would prefer things to be more quiet. He isn't much for all the goings on in the world and would rather watch from afar. He will be agile and willing to go with family, but not the kind of pup you will take into crowded situations and expect him to fall into the flow of things quickly. He needs time to process and know that you are going to keep him secure. He is loving lap time more as the days go by and at this moment, likes to just sit and watch you and be with you. This pup will not be very large. 110 maybe.

10/2/2022 Funny how they change as they grow! He is learning how to move! Independent working pup. More energy than the AA from his mother's side. Beautiful coloring and face!

9/30/2022 Quiet, calm and curious pup. Very level headed and intelligent boy. Thinks before making his move. 9/25/2022 Dire Wolf, good coloring (notes from Lois. Better color than Leloo's dark blue pup)

9/18/2022 This boy takes things in stride. At this point, he would rather sleep than truly care much about what is going on around him. Eyes aren't open quite yet.

9/6/2022 843 pm 1.15 lbs male Monster of a pup. Mom had a hard time getting that boy out. Very quiet. Sable cheeks, back toes white to knuckle, front three inner toes white. Long tail, sable cheeks. First drinking at 908.

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9/6/2022 1.15 lbs
9/9/2022 1.35 lbs
9/12/2022 1.85 lbs
9/12/2022 2.7 lbs
9/30/2022 4.69 lbs
10/10/2022 5.6 lbs
10/31/2022 7.6 lbs
11/7/2022 8.4 lb
11/27/22 15 lbs
12/9/2022 24 lbs
12/29/2022 32.8
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10/10/2022, 10/23/22


10/25 - 10/28/2022

10-26 through 10/29


10/20/2022, 11/8/2022, 12/11/2022

Duramune Max 5-CvK/4L F7DB

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