Anastasia's "Napkin" Von Naga

black napkin naga anastasia feb 2021
Registration ID: NA4004-5
Breed: F4 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Jan. 13, 2021
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Black
Sire: Ashley's "Naga" von Buck
Dam: Vegas's "Anastasia" von Boss
Litter: Naga X Anastasia 2021



CeeCee Rubin
Kayla Exum

Birth Notes For Napkin: 6:30 am. Black Female. .5 LB  Head first and feisty. Energetic. no placenta. thin small. all black hybrid. long face. no stop. walking on all fours. big head and muzzle. w/chest. no w/feet. no w/tip small pinkish nose but black. hybrid pink pads. hammer female. thinn-ish.

1-26-21: I don't bother this pup much. Long coat which is very unusual for a female. girth. nice pup. Breeder?

1-17-22: No fear. This litter (dog) is a transition litter as Lois became 'retired' and did not have time to do any work with the litter as they were puppies. Therefore this entire litter is very raw and wild. Napkin does have potential but (for Amey) is head strong and stubborn, ( Lois: In my opinion learning Napkin is a love of a dog with the proper amount of stand offish-ness. She is friendly and wants to be with her owner. She is a happy dog like her sister Neera and is about the same in hyperness). Learned quickly how to get away with what ever it is she wishes. She was not an independent female but a follower. Needle was the leader of the litter pack. Napkin was standoffish as a pup. As a pup gets older and learns the ways of the world (and the pack behavior) they get bolder. If they have not been taught 'rules' they have none and their wild side rules their lives. They become Canines of the wild. Napkin NEEDS to understand the 'owners' place in her life, that she is not head honcho of anything and that the wrath of her owner is her God. She still thinks she is smarter and can get away with what ever it is she wants to do. Animals are not smart enough to KNOW what is good for them, that is why WE are the humans.

3-2022 Napkin is a DIRE WOLF in my imagination. Black reverse and camouflage looking with her brindling on legs. Her undercoat is void of all color thus 'silver'. She is a black silver sable with black mask and yellow eyes. She doesn't know it but she is going to be a fantastic dog one day. lol. As the days go by, she is learning more and more. I have no worries.

7-2022 Napkin came in the house 2 days before her pups were due. I usually like to get them in here at least 2 weeks before so they will learn the proper routine to go potty outside and run off steam in the kennel runs as well as learn the leash. Apparently Amey has done some leash training. Hmmm, she must have been paying close attention to her mom as Napkin is glued to my ''right'' side. haha, oh well. She does NOT know her name and ignores the 'come here' call to her. She is now on a long line so she thinks she is ''free''.

Napkin had 2 live pups. 1 male, 1 female black. She can handle 2 on her first care of pups and takes very good care of them. She is attentive and bonded to them. She doesnt leave their side.


Anastasia's Napkin Von Na…

Mixed Ancestry

47.5% Alaskan Malamute

41.1% German Shepherd Dog

11.4% Irish Wolfhound

Prediction Litter WARLEGGEN X NAPKIN






Coat and Color:







Health Record

Nemex II 02-10-21; 02-24-21
Corona Distemper Adeno2/Parvo 3-1-21
Duramune Max 5: 03-15-2021, 12-27-2021
1-17-22: Came in season

1-20/21-22 Bred with Ironheart

1-26-22: Loosing coat, thin. Eating good. Started feeding chicken with kibbles.

7-2022 : Was on chicken raw on her last days of pregnancy before the whelp. Stopped eating a day before whelping. Knew what was going on but was upset and nervous. Once i showed her there was nothing to fear and she should just lay down and love the pups, she was fine. It took 3 days before she came out to potty, then raced back in with the pups. 2 more days before she went outside to potty and this time was calmer. Gets rewards when she goes back to her section in the house. Gates around the walk in closet.

I continue to brush and comb through the massive undercoat and she doesnt like it but is now getting use to it. It doesnt take her long to understand and learn things. She is very smart and doesnt like to be scolded.

I thought she was smallish after her sister Needle gave birth in the same closet, but she is a big dog. She has a bit of the squirlishness of a female in her still and i am hoping this will go away as it does in older females. I do not think i will sell her. This all depends on if we get a pup 'better than her'.


Photo Gallery

black napkin naga anastasia feb 2021
Knapkin on the Right
Knapkin on the Right
Knapkin the DireWolf
Knapkin the DireWolf

Test Scores

Test Six Week Scores
(July 28, 2022)
Intelligence (process of thought) 10+
Pitch of/Vocal sounds 8 too high
Barking 10
Whining and talking back 10
Prey drive 10
Chewing 10
Swallowing stuff 10
Dominance/aggression towards humans 10
Challenging owner/trainer 10
Child friendly 8 standoffish. She has no clue about children.
Dominance/aggression towards other dogs 8 does not like dogs from other packs. is not socialized for such.
Dominance/aggression towards smaller animals doesnt care about them much.
Soft/hard bite (mouth) med
Touch sensitivity 10 no
Emotional sensitivity 10 AA
Sound sensitivity 10
Ease of training for the average person 9 as a youngster
Velcro (not wanting to wander) 8 can as she is independently raised in a pack.
Genetic hyperness or Energy level (pacing the fence line) 8 ok for a female. bit squirrely
Investigative or inquisitive (independence) 9 normal for my untrained dogs.
Stubborness (doing what it wants instead of what you want) 10 not once trained.
Eating of feces 10 no
Sanitational pooping in the designated spot 9+
Sloppy drinking 10 closed lips
Age of life 14 prediction
Health issues Does not do well on plain kibbles
Retrieving or carrying objects 10 no
Digging 10 only when hot
Conformation 9 too short in body length
Girth 10 female
Eyes 10 yellow 8 round
Ears 10 up
Nose 10 black
Girth of Skull 10 female
Length of Tail 8 too long
Feet 8 too small
Neck 10 female
Topline 9+
Gait 10


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