Ironheart X Leloo 2022

Birth Date: Sept. 3, 2022

About the Litter (American Alsatian)

Please see updated notes on the September litter here: Leloo X Ironheart Litter

Leloo x Iron-Heart pups:

WEIGHT: 125 - 180
COATS: Thick, long and medium coats. Some may have thick undercoats. This litter will bring the best of both height and thick bones from Iron-heart, and long, dire wolf mane from Leloo along with her thick bone and body width.
COLOR: Dark black Silver sables, and possible tri-silver sables. Black faces with YELLOW eyes. These will be Dire Wolves. Guard hairs on shoulders and along the back and very muscular/girthy. Large feet and heads.

Tied 7/5/2022 with visuals throughout the day. Due 9/4/2022

Whelped: 9-3-22

9/3/2022 Leloo is doing much better this litter. Pups are warm, she is not the best at keeping them clean, but is learning. Everyone is resting and growing.

9/5/2022 Leloo did not have enough milk. Leloo had 9 pups total. 7 living as of today (9-5-22) 9/6/2022 Leloo has no milk. Puppies were moved to Pebbles.

Notes from Lois prior to pups being moved:

Birth notes :

pink collar; dark brownish black. heavy bones. white snow boots, pink pads- rear feet. Large female. Loves to sleep. looks like these 6 are even in temperament and content to eat and sleep and not move much.

purple collar was sucking on anything thus vulva juice.

Leloo is now back to sleeping. All pups now have more milk. Pink collar does cry out sometimes. big. I remember she was stepped on 2 or 3 times so this has made her more "aware" than the others.(Ameys assignment is to outcross to a bull dog a large bull dog breed with a smushed in face. Female large bully dog or bull mastiff. bulldogs have better personalities. Need shorter tails and smaller snout to correct a long snout)

Black collar pup: had to take collar off. pup could not move. leg caught in the collar all the time. this upset leloo. She is better now. Maybe now he will gain weight as he can find milk?


Tue. cold. not eating. warm blankets. There is no hope.

Grn collar pup, leg caught not able to eat. cold put on warm blanket with black. There is no hope. temp of room 77 degrees.

I can not believe what i am seeing. 9 thriving puppies all dying like before.

Leloo is panting in the hot closet. The bedding is dry. She does not curl up on the pups. She cleans them as she should but i don't think she keeps them warm enough.?

Leloo (no milk) out of Mulan and Qleanna (mr q x saigon). It can not be the Qleanna lines unless it comes from Mr Q.

Leloo's "Silver Arrow" Von Ironheart

Sex: Female
Collar: Purple

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Leloo's "Silver Banshee" von Ironheart

Sex: Female
Collar: Pink

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Leloo's "Silver Baron" Von Ironheart

Sex: Male
Collar: Green

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Leloo's "Silver Bullet" Von Ironheart

Sex: Male
Collar: Blue

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Darla's "Ironheart" Von Tudor Yukon's Tutchone Von Ana "Tudor" Yukon
Vegas's "Anastasia" von Boss
Darpa (Darla) Vallecito's Top Secret
Swan's Saigon Von Finn
Q-Leanna's "Leloo" Von Mulan Mulan Vallecito's Top Secret
Bellatrix's Bambi Von Fremont
Q-Leanna Mr Q Ball
Swan's Saigon Von Finn