Neera's Stan Lee von Tudor X Leloo 2023

Birth Date: Jan. 22, 2023

About the Litter (F3 American Alsatian)

Leloo is a 2nd generation Mastiff. Very large boned, large head, and stocky all around. She is not the tallest dog (27" or around there), but she is thick. This will lend to the thickness of her pups. Large pups are more docile, laid back and relaxed.

Stan Lee is out of Neera and Tudor. He is triple Boss and 3rd generation from Elwin, the white Alaskan Malamute in our lines. Boss gives him his size. This boy is only 1 year 1 month old and weighs around 135 and is around 29 inches tall. His thickness from Yukon and Tudor will lend to the puppies thickness as well.

Coats: Medium to Long coat, dark

Color: Newborns will come out black. Possible brindles, dark skin and reverse blacks.

Eyes: Yellow

Ears: Up - One or two may have a single ear up, or both down

Females: 105 to 120
Males: 115 to 155

Temperaments: There will be a few "mastiff" minded pups in this litter. They will be large and you will need to work on recall early with these guys, as they will have a "Maybe later" attitude. There will be one or maybe two if we are lucky, reserved, quiet and thinking pups. The largest of these will be kept for breeding, maybe the largest two if we have that many to choose from that fit the needs to continue breeding. The rest of the pups in this litter (depending on the size) will be all around great companions. They will not be pups that fetch, or run marathons, and they might only go for 3/4 mile walks to a mile at best, but they will be the pups that love to do lap therapy, they will love cuddles, they will use their sweet eyes to try and be as spoiled as possible. Great pups for kids and families. If you are a single person looking for protection or a dog that "looks" scary, this litter may have one for you.

Price: $3,800 and up

Remember, our dogs are companion dogs! Though any animal will guard their home and family, we do not raise working dogs!

These pups will be large and the largest of them may get up to 165. These pups can NOT do a lot of running around, playing, rough housing and NO DOG PARKS until they are at least 9 months old. Contracts will state that you are aware that their joints will be slow to fill and their bones will be LARGE. Our dogs are companion dogs, meant for you and your family, not play toys for your other dogs. You must be aware of this and be ambassadors for the breed by ensuring that they be trained to know their size and for you, as owners, to understand that some people are afraid of large dogs and you must be responsible to ensure that your large dogs have manners to ensure they do not frighten anyone without meaning!


2-8-2021 Colter Cederlof (Male like Ironheart)

12-30-2021 Shayla Mccaul (Jones)
2-2-2022 Mindy Burford (Large, long haired, laid back male)
12-5-2022 Jackie Neuburger - Large soft female

Leloo Litter Pictures
Leloo Litter Pictures
'Leloo's Bada Bing Bada Bang "Korben Dallas" Von Stan Lee

Sex: Male
Collar: Blue

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Leloo Litter Pictures
Leloo's Diva Plavalaguna "Laguna" Von Stan Lee

Sex: Female
Collar: Pink

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