Neera's Stan Lee von Tudor X Lucinda 2023

Birth Date: Jan. 15, 2023

About the Litter (F3 American Alsatian)

The purpose of this breeding (Stan Lee) is to bring about the thick skull, yellow eyes and long guard hairs from both dogs. With our champion (ROM) triple "Boss" on Stan Lee's side.

What we expect:

Conformation: thick shoulders and thick hind ends with a nice, natural slope to their hind quarters and solid, thick bones.

Coat: Double coated, medium to long coats. 2 full blow outs spring/early summer and late fall of each year. They will lose their puppy coats the first spring blow out they have. There will be a tri color with white in the group and some dark silver sables.

Eyes: Yellow eyes

Ears: Up ears

Weight: Males will be 125 to 160 and females will be 105 to 120.

Temperaments: Very soft, loving pups. A bit stubborn when they want to just "lounge around" and you want to move, but it will be easily fixed by food motivation and the praise given from their owners. Easy pups to raise and to praise.

All pups will lighten as they get larger. Slow to grow with 4 growth spurts before they are 1 year old!

Price: (Our average pricing is $3,800)

These pups will be large and the largest of them may get up to 165. These pups can NOT do a lot of running around, playing, rough housing and NO DOG PARKS until they are at least 9 months old. Contracts will state that you are aware that their joints will be slow to fill and their bones will be LARGE. Our dogs are companion dogs, meant for you and your family, not play toys for your other dogs. You must be aware of this and be ambassadors for the breed by ensuring that they be trained to know their size and for you, as owners, to understand that some people are afraid of large dogs and you must be responsible to ensure that your large dogs have manners to ensure they do not frighten anyone without meaning!

1/18/2022 Rick Anderson - Female
2/2/2022 Mindy Burford - Large long coated male
12/5/2022 Jackie Neuburger - Large soft female


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