Q-Leanna's "Leloo" Von Mulan

Registration ID: MQ20002-3
Breed: F2 Mastiff
Birth Date: Aug. 23, 2020
Sex: Female
Sire: Mulan
Dam: Q-Leanna
Litter: Mulan X Q-Leanna 2020


Interested in Lello:

5-6-2020 Lori Shaw

Interested in puppy:

12/30/2021 Shayla Mccaul

Leloo's Birth Notes: Black pup. Darkest female. White chin. Silver leggings.
10-8-20:  This pup is great at hiding in the pile. She is quiet and hardly gets into anything. She is aware of humans and her surroundings. She is on the shy side at this age. Submissive of the unknown. 

10-12-20: Reserved around humans pushy around her siblings. Puts feet and body in the food bowl. With so many brothers and sisters she has learned to be the way she is. She is a food hog at this day and age as she is not the biggest pup in the litter. She will not be this way as an adult but she is a survivor! For too long she has allowed her brothers and sisters to push her around and now, she is stepping up to the plate, so look out! She pushes her way into the food and just gets right in to hog the dish.
This is a 'soft' dog. Not a mean bone in her body. She is bold though when she wants to be or has to be. NO FEAR, yet... She can portray fear, but it is of the unknown. Once learnt she will tackle all problems. She is smart but the situation here has thrown her into the 'canine survival of the fittest' mode. She most certainly is a lap dog when taken out of the pack and she can enjoy human companionship. 

Black silver Sable long coat. Black mask light eyes. thick neck.
At a young age she will test you as her world is her home. Everything where she lives is hers and she knows every nook and cranny. She is extremely alert to her surroundings and will run to the den to be the first or second there. She was a follower but has learned to be the leader. So, she will submit as this really is her nature, unless she is challenged and must defend herself which would be a last stand.
Don't let her guilty submission fool you. She is smarter than you think she is. All this gal needs is to be shown all about the world from your lap. It will not take long before she is leading you around.

10-18-20 As pups grow they mature in their experiences and come forward and so has the rest of the litter. Lello is a soft easy pup. Teaching her will be easy as long as you show her what it is you want from her. She will not take harsh corrections, even a 2 yr old can handle this pup. All it takes is a NO!  and replace the item with one that is hers. READ MY BOOK. Dogs are easy if you know how to communicate, so please get the "Handbook for new puppy owners".  Another thing, as she is one of my dogs, she comes with FREE GUIDANCE and help for you as you train. Just do as i say and you will be fine. I know my dogs. Lello doesn't care for a lot of noise and disturbance as a young miss placed canine in a new environment and a new home. Give a care'......  put yourself in her place and go one baby step at a time. That is all it takes,.... TIME... tick tock... If you have PATIENCE you can care for a large breed. If you do not have the patience, get a small dog, they grow up faster. This baby will need a full year to grow up and into a mature dog.
She is a LAP DOG and part of a family. Yes, she eats a lot also. For the first year she will need her food. After 14 months old, she will slow down.
This pup is a Mulan puppy and will look like a Dire Wolf.  Ears should go up by 8 months old. (oops, never went up, but her pups ears will).

12-31-20: Leloo is the dark sable with cream leggins. shy pup in the litter. is standoffish at this age, but smart enough to understand now comes when i sit. Loves hugs and buries head in my lap. sweet pup

1-29-22: Has been bred with Iron heart? This pup is very sensitive and reads body language. she does not like anything new. It takes time for her to adjust. Like her mom she is an escape artist. We are just now training her to come when called. She is a bold leader dog. In her season she has accepted other dogs but she is pretty much a loner dog. Once she has pups she will understand life better. She doesnt like to be bossed around or told what to do.

3/25/22: Leloo had her pups and is posessive over them as is her sister Lucy which just had her pups also. Lucy went over to Ameys house and Leloo stayed with me in my bedroom. She had 13 pups of which only 6 has survived. She eats a ton of food! She was upset about the pups coming out of her and did not understand what was happening. She was so big in the belly she could not get around to the back end to clean anything up back there. She did NOT want her first pup and was kind of scared about it. Because I was there with her, she felt she needed to be at her best so i did my best to tell her that everything was ok. She finally sniffed the pup but it was better to not have them so she could get on with the next one. After the third pup she settled in with them. Her milk is coming in slowly. (too slow). Her sister Lucy enjoys motherhood better than this gal does.

Leloo walks with me without a leash and understands what 'go outside' means. She likes to be outdoors. She loves her kennel outside where it is her own bedroom so to speak. She does not really like other dogs or animals. This will proably be better once she is spayed. Because she was not 'trained' when she was young, this is what one gets, though she can be trained and will make a fantastic guard dog for someone. She is very scary looking. She minds her own business and wants others to mind their own business. She is not a fan of 'strangers' but will tolerate them if on a leash. She doesnt want to be a bad dog, she is very sensitive. Use food rewards.

Health Record

wormings; 4 wks; 6 wks; 8 wks; 10 wks (nemex 2) giarda/cocci medications
shots: 6; 8; 10; dhalp cvk;  dhalp pv
1/1/21: full set of shots.  Nemex 2

Duramune Max 5 - 12/27/2021

Heat cycle: Jan 2022

Bred with Ironheart July 4th, 5th, 6th 2022 Should have pups in September 2022

Photo Gallery

Lello 2
Lello the Beast

Test Scores

Test Birth Scores
(Oct. 12, 2020)
Intelligence (process of thought) 10
Pitch of/Vocal sounds 10
Barking 10
Whining and talking back 10
Prey drive 10
Chewing 8
Swallowing stuff 9
Dominance/aggression towards humans 10
Challenging owner/trainer 10
Child friendly 10
Dominance/aggression towards other dogs 10
Dominance/aggression towards smaller animals 10
Soft/hard bite (mouth) 10
Touch sensitivity 8
Emotional sensitivity 8
Sound sensitivity 9
Ease of training for the average person 9
Velcro (not wanting to wander) 10
Genetic hyperness or Energy level (pacing the fence line) 10
Investigative or inquisitive (independence) 7
Stubborness (doing what it wants instead of what you want) 8
Eating of feces 10
Sanitational pooping in the designated spot
Sloppy drinking 9
Age of life 12
Health issues 0
Retrieving or carrying objects 9
Digging 10
Conformation 8
Girth 9
Eyes 10
Ears 10
Nose 10
Girth of Skull 10
Length of Tail 10
Feet 10
Neck 10
Topline 10
Gait 10


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