Laddie Boy

laddie boy down on bed
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Breed: Rough Collie
Birth Date: July 1, 2021
Sex: Male
Litter: X 2021


1-19-22: Laddie Boy was a small pup with small feet. His growth was not FAST but rather slow. I did not know if he would be able to breed my dogs for the longest of time. Today he is as large as Ellsie (LC) and can breed with most all of my females, even the mastiff outcross's.

Temperament: is SOFT at this point in his life. Eager to please with a memory like an elephant. Is reluctant to go down the hall after slipping on a floor without a rug on it. (slowed him down some didnt it, lol) Now i have to put him on a leash to take him down the hall. Once the leash is clicked on (he hears the sound) then he is glued to my side. He is an easy going dog. Watches and is NOT hyper at all. He walks instead of running. He does pick up bad habits easily from the other dogs so i do not allow him in with them. He does need gentle reminders of the rules only because he doesnt know them to be 'rules'. I have never trained him. He was extreamily easy to train. He figures things out in his own head. I do love this dog and will be sad to say goodbye to him, so i will be keeping most all the females and one male from his litters. Far superior to the shiba Inu.

Ears: Small and errect

Tail: curls at the tip when down and curls up high when excited. White at tip. The tail is fluffy in abundance at one year old.

Coat: 90% undercoat in winter. The coat as a pup was not fluffy, i was very surprised about this. It took a very long time for his coat to look like a Collies coat. The hair on feet, legs, face is all short with a bit of feathering and no undercoat. The longest guard hairs on on shoulder.

Eyes: Brown and almond shaped. Must never be rounded

Muzzle: Long with out a stop. Not really too pointed. girthy enough.

Head/Skull: elongated but not real skinny. Head and muzzle make a triangle.

Feet: small for his size. Not splayed but nicely tight with high toes.

Ankles: Straight enough with a slight bend.

Bone mass: Actually heavier than i figured it would be.

Girth: Shoulder girth but the legs are close together in both chest and rear making the dog fall over when pushed.

Rump: Too thin in my opinion but the coat makes it appear round and girthy.

Rear Angulation: Nicely curved. Not straight.

Health Record

1-19-22: Has had three shots. One at the breeders. One at 9 wks old with me when he first came home and another at 11 wks. Then he got another full set of shots at 6 months with a parvo shot at 8 mo.

Weight: 9 mo 68 lbs

July 2022: Tried breeding with Elsie and Needle. He is still not old enough.

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laddie boy down on bed
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Laddies up-line
laddy fox project
8wk size comparison shiba inu
laddyfox project good up ears
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Laddie Boy X Elsie 2022

About the Litter (Fox Project F-1)

Tied with Laddy Boy: March 21 2021

Elsie is Winston x Stella with double saigon as grandmother on both sides. Elsie is an F-2 American Alsatian as Winston is an F-1 AA outcross.

Elsie was bred to her brother Pepper in her first season to see what we would get in pups. This quadrupled Saigon in the pups pedigree. All pups were fantastic dire wolf looking large pups. Elsie can be bred with any DireWolf stud to produce great looking Dire Wolf pups but she was chosen to breed with an outcross that had the potiential to be the first dogs to breed into our Fox project. This does NOT mean they are fox project pups!!! This means that i will be trying to find a few pups in this litter to go towards making the foxes. Could they be a new Dire Wolf outcross addition, most certainly! If we see a very wolfy looking pup, we will keep it as the newest outcross towards the dire wolf project. The paperwork on the pups will state that this breeding and pups are 'OUTCROSSES' as do all contracts with any purebred bred to an AA. Elsie is an American Alsatian.