Buying One Of My Dogs

Buying a Dire Wolf Pup

Lois and rigatoni out of noodle and alpine
If you want to purchase a Dire Wolf Puppy, you need to: KINGSLEYS KENNELS

Amey is my daughter and lives right next door to me in White City Oregon. She has lived with me since birth. She has learned to groom dogs, show dogs, train in the basics and to help our bitches with their pups. She has also learned to cope with me and I am not easy to live with, lol...

Amey is kind of a duplicate of me but only nicer as she has not had 68 years on planet earth and been into dogs. Amey loves her horses! Amey also loves her mom and will do anything for me. I know this so I try not to ask her for much. Therefore she has taken over all my DIRE WOLVES. Believe me when I tell you that I am still a voice behind these dogs! I have given her the entire business yet, as a mother, I am still here watching.

Please contact my daughter Amey if you need any help. If she can not help you or she feels you need to talk with me, she will walk over to my place and I will call you on the phone. Thanks

"Breeding is an ART which requires KNOWLEDGE, SKILL and continuous education".