N. A. Shepalute Registration form

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“National Alsatian Shepalute Registry” Litter Registration Form

Application for Alsatian Shepalute Registration for a whole litter

Fee for registering a litter $25.00

Mail to: The Alsatian Shepalute Registry

4175 Winnetka Rd. White City, Oregon 97503

Email: nasregistration@aol.com

All litters must be registered by six (6) months from the date of birth. Litter registration applications not received within this time will be required to include an additional $60.00 penalty fee along with a letter of explanation and necessary records. Registrations received after twelve (12) months will be required to include $100.00 in fees and a letter of explanation. NO EXCEPTIONS.

N.A.S.C. Registration certificates are distinctive evidence of the only pure bred Alsatian Shepalute dog on earth thus identifying this rare dog breed as such. It also indicates that the animal’s present owner is on record, also the owners of the sire and dam and the names of the dog’s ancestors.

  1. All applications for single registration must be made on NASC application forms, which will be furnished free and will not be returned to applicant.
  2. If the applicant is unable to fill out the blank complete in every detail this shall constitute doubtful breeding and the dog will not be accepted for registration.
  3. The NASC registering offices are a separate and distinct registration office and has no connection with any other registration office what so ever.
  4. The information on this application is the sole responsibility of the individual signing it.

The NASR reserves the right to correct or revoke any registration certificate issued. Any misrepresentation this application is cause for cancellation and may result in loss of all NASR privileges for those individuals who violate the integrity of this application.

We reserve the right to change any and all rules, fee, etc. without notice, anytime conditions warrant it.

Application for registration for a whole litter:

To register a litter, fill out the litter application. Make certain that the registration number of the sire and dam are correct and with the correct ownership. You can make certain by checking the name and address on the front of both sire and dam’s registration certificates against the individual who has represented themselves as the owner.

We look forward to receiving your single dog and litter applications.

It is highly recommended that before any ALSATIAN SHEPALUTE be sold or bred it SHOULD receive a micro-chip implant and the number should be registered with the NASR.

Your puppies will be registered with the “National Alsatian Shepalute Club” which is the official registry for the breed in the World.

Photo of your litter and a photo of each puppy MUST accompany this registration form. Your photos will be the property of the NASR.

Example Photo: The photo must show the dog on an angle showing its left face profile with the left foot at the leading edge of the photo. The dog must fill at least 50% of the photo with at least a 1/4" margin all around the dog.

Sires name____________________________________________NASC Registration #____________

Tatoo # or other ID__________________________________Date of birth_______________________


Dams name___________________________________________ NASC Registration #_____________

Tatoo # or other ID__________________________________Date of birth_______________________


Date litter whelped



Place of birth:





I witnessed the mating- YES NO


Breeders name and address____________________________________________________________________


Breeders Signature_________________________ Phone number_________________________________

Fax number_______________________Email address______________________________________________

Co-breeders, Lessees name and address (if any)_____________________________________________________


Co-breeders Signature_________________________ Phone number_____________________________________________

Fax number_______________________Email address______________________________________________


Signed by litter owner: ____________________________________________________Date________________

Send to:

National Alsatian Shepalute Registry (NASR)

4175 Winnetka Rd. White City, Oregon 97503

Ph. 541-830-0574

Email – nasregistration@aol.com