NASR (North American Shepalute Registry)

Copied Records of the North American Shepalute Registration

The following is an exact copy of the North Am. Shepalute Registration rules and set up. I do believe this is the second one ever made and it was done on an old fashioned typewriter and copied on a very large copy machine.

It is NOT the updated version. I am in the process of getting all of my works back in order and coming out of retirement as is necessary.

N.A.S.C. REGISTRY (copied and pasted in its exact form)

The N.A.S.C. registry has been in existence since February 1988. We only register North Am. Shepalutes and are concerned solely with the validity of registration information submitted and certified by the applicant, thus keeping our full efforts directly on and towards this breed. We do feel that only such a registry can offer complete alliance to the breed.

Our objective is

1.) To adopt and enforce uniform rules and regulations for person’s interested in exhibiting, running, breeding, registering, purchasing and selling Alsatian Shepalutes.

2.) To detect, prevent and punish frauds in connection therewith to protect the interest of its members, in which rules and regulations have been designed to carry out these objectives.

The Alsatian Shepalute registry has field and corporate representatives to investigate breeding practices and handle complaints towards depleting this breed of dog.

We recognize and work together with the Alsatian Shepalute Club towards the betterment of the breed and open a sincere invitation to any individual who can produce proper and legal proof of the purity of their dog as that of the Alsatian Shepalute.

We look forward to your membership and please4 do not hesitate to call on us if you have any questions or concerns.

Lois Schwarz

President and head of the N.A.S.C.R.

Our registry service is available to those clients who own an Alsatian Shepalute of recognized pure lineage. This is a unique identification system which compiles a complete profile on each and every pet registered for its entire lifetime when the buyer of an Alsatian Shepalute registers his animal with our club.

The names of the sire and dam in addition to the dog itself are permanently recorded in our files.

The dogs are assigned registration numbers which in turn are forwarded to the breeder. These assigned numbers are permanent and always thereafter recognized by the club.

The N.A.S.C. is a complete distinct and separate club, born out of necessity to promote good relations between you and buyers of future generations of this rare breed.

Rules applying to registration:

  1. The purpose of the N.A.S.R is to certify the pedigree of purebred dogs registered with the club.
  2. N.A.S.R. is concerned solely with the validity of registration information submitted and certified by the applicant.
  3. Complaints must be made in writing.
  4. N.A.S.R. does not arbitrate complaints concerning quality size conformation and disposition. (These are club matters and responsibilities).
  5. All litigation concerning such must be pursued by the complainant.

In the interest of preserving the purity and integrity of the breed the N.A.S.C.R. strongly suggests applicants to voice their opinions at club meetings. Our jurisdiction is limited to the practices to be followed in order to ensure proper identification of dogs registered with the N.A.S.C.R. the fact that an animal is registered does not, of itself guarantee its quality or health.

The N.A.S.C.R. was formed principally for the protection and advancement of the Alsatian Shepalute.

Application for a Single Dog Registry

Please be sure to read the application over carefully before filling them out so that you understand what information will be needed. The sire and dam must be registered before you can register the litter. The owner of the dam at the time of breeding may submit the enclosed applications. A photograph of your dog should accompany the application and will not be returned to the sender.

Be sure to send four photos of said dog. Front, back, and both sides. A ruler behind or beside the dog will be helpful to us. You will not be getting these photos back. They will become our property. Thank you

Application for a single registration

Registration fee: the fee for a single dog registration is $10.00

Office use only { }

Date. Rec. { }

Fee: { }

Read all rules and answer all questions. Fill out completely. If you do not know something state the reason why

Type or print plainly.

We cannot be responsible for the misspelling of words or names.

Breed ________________________________________________________________ date of birth _________________________

Color ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tattoo or brand or markings: _______________________________________________________________________________

Print dogs name ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Owner of sire at the time of the mating of that produced this dog/pup _________________________________________________

Owner of the dam at the time of mating that produced this dog/pup ___________________________________________________

Sires name __________________________________________________________________ number ______________________

Dams name _________________________________________________________________ number _______________________

If the sire and /or dam are N.A.S.C. registered give their complete names and N.A.S.C. registration numbers.

Any other explanation or information on this particular dog asking for registration within our organization:


This is to certify that this pedigree is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Sign name __________________________________________ print name ____________________________________________

Street __________________________________ city______________________________ state __________ zip ______________

Email address ________________________________________________ fax __________________ telephone _______________

Cell phone _________________

General information and rules governing single registration of a dog

N.A.S.C.R certificate is distinctive evidence of a purebred dog or a outcross dog who is being used to strengthen the lines. This certificate indicates that the animal’s present owner is on record and it identifies said dog.

  1. All applications for single registration must be made on N.A.S.C. application forms which will be furnished free and will not be returned to applicant.
  2. If the applicant is unable to fill out the blank complete in every detail, this shall constitute doubtful breeding and the dog will not be accepted for registration and/or the application will be sent to the quality control officer in charge of such matters. This will hold up the process of registration on said dog for an undisclosed amount of time. The application may be rejected.
  3. The N.A.S.C.R. office is a separate and distinct registration office and has no connection with any other registration office whatsoever.
  4. The information on this application is the sole responsibility of the individual signing it.

The N.A.S.C. Reserves the right to correct or revoke any registration certificate issued.

Any misrepresentation of this application is cause for cancellation and may result in the loss of all N.A.S.C.R. privileges for those individuals who violate the integrity of this application.

We reserve the right to change any and all RULES, FEES, etc. without notice, anytime conditions warrant it.

Application for Registration for a Whole litter

Fee for registering a litter $25.00

Mail to: The North American Shepalute Club Registry

4175 Winnetka Rd.

White City, Oregon, 97503

Name of sire of these puppies: ___________________________________________ reg. no. ______________ (sires photo here)

Name of dam of these puppies: _________________________________________ reg. no. _______________ (dam’s photo here)

(Complete both sides of this application)

Owner of Sire on date of mating fills out this section

I certify that the above dam was mated to the above sire on ____________Signature of owner of sire _______________________

Address _________________________________________________city, state _________________________zip ____________

Telephone ___________________ email ______________________________ fax ____________ cell phone_________________

Owner of Dam on birth of litter fills out this section

I certify that I was the owner of the above dam on the date of the litter: That the number of puppies in this litter as shown below are all living and that this pedigree is to the best of my knowledge and belief true.

Signature of owner of dam ________________________ print name of owner of dam ___________________________________

Address __________________________________city and state ____________________________________zip _____________

Telephone ______________________email_______________________ fax_____________________ cell phone_____________

Month of birth of litter __________ day __________ year _____________

Each puppy shall have its picture taken and on the back of each picture shall be a number and the yarn color of the pup in question. These pups shall match the descriptions that follow and all the photos shall be placed in an envelope together. Do not attach the photos to this page please.


#1 male puppy’s description: ________________________________________________________________________________


#2 male puppy’s description: ________________________________________________________________________________


#3 male puppy’s description: ________________________________________________________________________________


#4 male puppy’s description: ________________________________________________________________________________


#5 male puppy’s description: ________________________________________________________________________________

#6 male puppy’s description: ________________________________________________________________________________

#7 male puppy’s description: ________________________________________________________________________________


#1 female puppy’s description: ______________________________________________________________________________


#2 female puppy’s description: ______________________________________________________________________________


#3 female puppy’s description: ______________________________________________________________________________


#4 female puppy’s description: ______________________________________________________________________________


#5 female puppy’s description: ______________________________________________________________________________


#6 female puppy’s description: ______________________________________________________________________________


#7 female puppy’s description: ______________________________________________________________________________