3 day Boot Camp Special with LOIS SCHWARZ

Three days with Lois
  1. Fill out the qualifying application for Lois to instruct you in your dog handling/training schooling.
  2. Once approved, Set up your three day boot camp for you and your dog by contacting Amey Gage for a spot on the calendar.
  3. Pay the required deposit fee. Your deposit will go towards your first day with Lois.
  4. Fly into Medford Oregon's Rogue Valley Airport and purchase your rental car and motel/hotel
  5. Friday morning Meet with Lois at 4175 Winnetka Rd. White City oregon leaving your dog in the car, in a crate with windows open.
  6. Pay your days training session (if nec) and head out to the parks and businesses in the neighborhood to train your dog with Lois.
  7. Take your homework/booklets to your hotel and read them. Practice in front of a mirror and take your dog on walks around the hotel.
  8. Saturday morning meet at Lois's. Pay your daily Fees and head out to town. Receive new homework if any
  9. Sunday back to Lois and pay the remainder of your fee, then out to town for more instructions and visual corrections. Receive your Boot Camp certificate