Breeding Different Breeds Together

Shiba x Corgi

Mixing the Corgi and Shiba


Corgi Inus have thick coats which will shed completely once a year. Since the coat is so thick it is not a problem as it is compact and really stays in place. I do not have any shedding with my shiba. I don’t even brush him but about 5 times a year. I do not allow him to roll in the mud and I keep a watch on him because he is small and can get hurt easier than a large dog. I never leave him unattended on our five acres. He has been given boundaries. A large six foot tall chain link kennel makes up his exercise yard and is about the size of most back yards in the city.

When you do need to bath him use a mild shampoo diluted with warm water. Do NOT put the shampoo directly on his coat as you will not be able to get it all out. The coat is THICK. Use LOTS of warm water and be sure to dry him good. Like I said, mostly I do not bath him. Just use a damp towel and rub him up really good. Brush him or use a mitt glove.

Shiba Corgi pup


BooBoo and the Corgi like to mess around early in the morning for about an hour so I put them out back and they race around the yard, up over jumps, into chairs, up on logs, under boxes. They make wonderful agility dogs. After that, they come inside and have their own large cage with all the luxury they could ever want. Both love their pillows and each other, though sometimes I have to separate them, that is why I have 2 large cages for them. They are not allowed to play in the house.

Information on the shiba says that it requires a lot of exercise and physical activity. Maybe their pups do but mine does not. He is a very good boy and I have trained him to ‘’zoom’’ and to be still. He is super smart and knows the difference. The Corgi is the hyper one but, the Shiba can run circles around the corgi in his zoominess.

I did not train the Corgi as I have a lot of time to do that when she is pregnant and in the house. Both the shiba and corgi are outside dogs on my farm in their own world. They have tunnels filled with straw to sleep in and water 24/7. They eat 2 times a day and would eat all day long if you let them. They will overeat and get fat. They both love their food.

The Corgi is a loving dog to its owner and kind of on the shy side to strangers. She would run away from strangers as she has not been socialized. I do believe both are capable of being aggressive and not tolerating human beings if cornered or trapped. It is a small dog syndrome, as it should be.

Both the Corgi and the Shiba were hand selected for this project and were researched for their backgrounds and health.


The Shiba and Corgi both are intelligent dogs and are considered fast learners so teaching them tricks is easy unless they are full, or they don’t want to play the game. They will do almost anything for a scooby snack.

If you join a dog class, protect them, they are small and if they feel threatened, they will fight. You must protect them.


Corgis are known for their goofy and affectionate nature and their charm to play with just about anyone they meet. On the other hand, their Shiba Inu parent is a more serious line. Most Corgi Inus can have a little bit of both but proper, and early socialization with humans and other puppies can incline them to adopt the more affectionate nature.

Both the parent breeds are dogs that are alert to their surroundings so their pups can be trusted to become watchdogs. Corgi Shiba Inus tend to display traits like leadership, alertness, and initiative.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Shiba Inu Crossbred with Corgi

Weight 15-25 pounds

Height 10-15 inches

Size Small

Coat Type Straight, Extremely Dense, Medium in length

Coat Color Black, Brown, Red, Fawn, Blue, White, Pied, Sable, Brindle

Shedding: If raised in the home they would shed a bit every day and in the spring, they would shed their undercoat completely.

Eyes Brown

Nose Black

Ears Pointy and Upright

Temperament Loyal, Loving, Energetic, Playful, Alert, Intelligent, Social, Affectionate

Life Expectancy 14-28 years

Hypoallergenic No

Kids Friendly Yes if raised and trained around kids.

Shiba Inus crossbred with Corgis typically adapt the small stature of the parent Corgi. Adult Shiba Corgis usually weigh around 15-25 pounds, with females generally lighter and shorter than the males. Since it adopts the height of its Corgi parent, Corgi Inus usually stand shortly at 10-15 inches from its paws up to its pointed ears.

This hybrid has straight fur rather than curly or wooly. Their coats are incredibly dense, being double coated and are medium in length.

The variety of color ranges from the usual black, brown, fawn, and white up to the more colored ones such as red and blue. It can also have fur combinations like pied, sable, and brindle.

The Corgi Inu is a short dog with pointed and upright ears, making it seem fox-like. Aside from its short height, its body is quite lengthy. Its eyes can range from brown to a slightly darker shade of the same cover. Their muzzle remains black and is sort of pointed.

As for its temperament, the crossbreed is known to be a loving, affectionate, and energetic breed which will require a lot of vigorous exercises. Their cheerfulness and loyal nature are perfect for a family dog.

Grooming Your Corgi Shiba Inu Hybrid

This hybrid is a medium to low maintenance dog regarding its grooming needs. Brushing its double coat of fur once a day is needed, with a minimum of four to five times a week.

Bath this dog about 2 times a year or when they get dirty. Make sure to use a mild diluted shampoo because they are still vulnerable to dryness and irritation. Rinse clean enough to drink the water running off the dog.

Clipping their nails: nails are clipped at 3 wks, 8 wks, 12 wks. Then once a year.

Health: I see absolutely no health issues in any of these pups but only time will tell. I could have bought a mixed Shiba x corgi but as you know, I do not trust anything but my own breeding’s to be true.

Food Requirements: for a healthy middle-aged Corgi Inu, the suggested serving is 1 to 1.5 cups of dog food a day. The daily cost for the dog food can range from $1.20 up to $1.60 which will equate to a monthly total of around $20 to $48.

Exercise Requirements

The Shiba Corgi hybrid is a very active dog with a lot of energy to spend on vigorous activities. At least 5 minutes of zoomies twice a day should keep them in shape, happy and obedient.

I STRONGLY suggest that you get cages and pens for your dogs and train them to obey you. Use small food rewards and cut back on the food some.

Here are some of the highly physical activities you may enjoy with your Corgi Inu:

Herding and Hunting


Playing with other dogs


Long walks

Games of fetch and frisbee

Agility competitions

Shiba Corgi Training

Also keep in mind that sometimes, Corgi Inus adapt different traits from their parents like the stubbornness of Shiba Inu and the bossiness of Corgis.

Sit – the typical obedience command that you can teach your dog. Use this command in different situations so that your puppy will learn it fast.

Come – this command will help you keep the dog out of trouble. It can also be used if you lost your dog at a safe distance of if you lost the grip on the leash.

Down – this command can be a difficult one since it shows submissiveness of the dog. While teaching this to your dog, make sure to keep a positive and relaxed tone.

Stay – this command is a form of self-control for your dog. A mastery of the command “sit” will be helpful before starting to teach this command to the dog.

Leave It – this is another self-control and obedience command. Upon its mastery, it can help you keep your dog safe from potential harm brought about by its curiosity to explore possible dangerous things.

Be sure to train your puppy early so that it can develop into a well-mannered adult dog.

Due to its energetic and outgoing personality, “Schorgi Inu” is known to be one of the most family-friendly designer dogs. Aside from its loyalty to its owners, it is a cute dog that your kids might enjoy playing with.

Corgi Inus are also affectionate and loyal to the humans it is familiar with. This hybrid dog enjoys being with people and even gets along with other house pets.

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