Becoming a Breeder of the Vulpes Fox Companion dog

Breeding Our Dogs

So you want to legally breed the Vulpes Fox Companion dog?
short coated ticking fox

In order to breed these dogs, Lois Schwarz must give you permission to use her trademark. (See Trademark in this website). That then would be like a Franchise and Lois must protect her integrity and her name.

If you wish to purchase the entire stock and the complete set of breed books and registrations of the foundation stock, then we create a different contract. That would be SELLING my Companion Fox Project.

If you wish to participate in the breeding of the Companion Fox Project: Franchise

  1. Pay Schwarz Kennels for legal ownership of Trademark use.
  2. Sign an agreement that would TERMINATE your ownership if you were found guilty of misuse of the breeders code of ethics.
  3. Sign an agreement that would TERMINATE your ownership if you did not follow the breed standards of HEALTH, TEMPERAMENT and CONFORMATION within your lines.
  4. Sign the legal transfer of ownership for the use of the Trademark From Lois Schwarz to you or your legal business name etc.
  5. Purchase a breeding pair and sign this contract which approves of the breeding and showing rights between said dogs and the live pups being Vulpes Fox Companion Dogs and registrable with the Schwarz Breeding Registry. Every dog and puppy must have a registration certificate from the Schwarz Dogs Vulpes Fox Project.
  6. Follow the rules of the Vulpes Fox Companion Dog's Club
  7. Participate in the club and pay your yearly club dues
  8. Become a member of the Breeders board by completing the Breeders Education Plan
Contract for the use of the Vulpes Fox Companion Dog Trademark (Franchise)


in this ''Trademark'' contractual agreement it would state that :

You must keep all records of breedings, matings, births, and sales of all puppies and dogs under this breeding program at your place of business and ready for Inspection from the Quality Assurance Breeders Team.

You must fill out all the proper forms for the dogs you own, breed and sell. This is the most important part of a contractual agreement to use the trademark and it will be highly scrutinized. It would be CLEARLY printed out and emphasized with strict guidelines. Forms would be provided FREE from the Registration Department.

You must be an outstanding member of the Breeders Club. Pay your yearly dues.

Agreement of TERMINATION for misuse of the Breeders Code of Ethics
Agreement of TERMINATION for the misuse of your breeding rights

This contractual agreement would be put into use when any breeder continued to produce a line of dogs that did not meet the breed standards consistently over a 3 generational timeline and thus contaminating the Trademark in the public and buyers view. Written proof from buyers may be used as well as photos and all other legal evidence.