The Schipperke Lines

The petite schipperke stands at only 13 inches or less at the shoulder and weighs up to 16 pounds, but don’t let their size fool you. These small dogs began as hard-working ship dogs in Belgium, bred to catch rats and watch over precious cargo. They hunt with a distinct cat-like style and were beloved among ship crews, earning them the Flemish name “schipperke” or “little captain.” In modern times, these beautiful dogs are just as happy in an apartment or home as they are at work. They can be independent and mischievous, though, so plenty of activity and training is necessary to meet their needs.

The Schipperke dog breed comes from Belgium where its name means little boatman, and little captain. It is also very similar to the word meaning little shepherd in Flemish. Experts believe that the name’s original meaning is little shepherd, and it got a bit twisted through a historical game of telephone. This is because these are not seafaring dogs but shepherd dogs. While they may have been around since at least the 1600s, they were first officially recognized as a breed in the late 1800s.

These dogs are mainly black and have cute fox-shaped faces with a long snouts and perky ears. They can sometimes be cream or reddish. The tail is curled like other spitz types of dogs.

This is a Breed that has a lot of energy and loves to have a job to do. So, they are great for someone who wants to exercise with their dog. They have a somewhat strong prey drive and tend to chase smaller animals, and they are notoriously bad with Horses. They are barkers. This dog is only 13 inches high on average, they have the personality of a bigger dog.