Neera's Marvel von Tudor

For Sale: $4400.00

Registration ID: NT4001-1
Breed: American Alsatian DireWolf
Birth Date: Dec. 8, 2021
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Sire: Yukon's Tutchone Von Ana (Tudor)
Dam: Anastasia's "Nano" Von Naga (Neera)
Litter: Yukon's Tutchone Von Ana (Tudor) X Nano 2021


12-24-2021 Tied with his brother Stan in size, this boy is slow to move and would rather eat right now, but doesn't mind being in your arms for the sleeping part.
12/26/2021 More aloof than his brothers, he doesn't mind to play, but he would rather just be with his mom. Lap therapy will help this, drawing him out of the everyday, and will strengthen his bond with those around him. We must show him that we can help him just as much as mom. We also have to show him that being away from mom and with us, is a good place to be as well (as he would rather not sit still with us). Very solid, very large boy. Ears should come up as well, though a tab bit later than his brothers.
1/3/2022 This boy is vocal. He hears you even before you hear yourself and he will let you know that he is aware of your presence! Very sweet boy, wants to come see you, and isn't a fan of being "still". Lap therapy is being done with this boy daily, and he is learning that it is okay to slow down and sit without having to complain.
He is very willing to check things out as well. Forward pup but needs to feel secure in his space. Will do well with older kids, but will need a slower, more firm hand to settle him and help him realize that the commotion around him is "okay".
Each of these boys will be larger. Not so much in weight, but in size. No long runs/walks with them until they are at least 1, and NO playing around or rough housing with larger dogs! They will not know there size and will play without realizing they can get hurt!

12/29/2021 4.6

1/10/2022 7.4 lbs

1/17/2022 9.6 lbs

Temperament Test: 3.5 weeks 8.7 (vocal and a bit reserved)

Health Record

1/17/2022 Nemex II

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1/10/2022 Marvel
Wait... I have to yawn first!
I see you looking at me! 1/1/2022
Such a handsome boy.
Such a handsome boy.
Places to go!
Done with photos... 😀
15 days old.
15 days old.
6 Days Old
6 Days Old

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Yukon's Tutchone Von Ana (Tudor) Yukon Boss Big Daddy
Vegas's Anastasia von Boss Boss Big Daddy
Vega "Vegas"
Anastasia's "Nano" Von Naga (Neera) Ashley's Naga von Buck Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont
Dorians Ashdown Forest Ashley von Boss
Vegas's Anastasia von Boss Boss Big Daddy
Vega "Vegas"