Yukon's Tutchone Von Ana "Tudor"

Tudor 2020
Registration ID: YA2003-4
Breed: F2 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Nov. 13, 2019
Sex: Male
Sire: Yukon
Dam: Vegas's "Anastasia" von Boss
Litter: Yukon X Anastasia 2019


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Tudor 2020
Tudor 2020_1

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Yukon Boss Big Daddy Nadine's Blade Runner
Blossom's Stormy River (Sina)
Vegas's "Anastasia" von Boss Boss Big Daddy Nadine's Blade Runner
Blossom's Stormy River (Sina)
Vega "Vegas" Vallecito's Storm
Franny von Tax


Tudor X Neera 2021

About the Litter (American Alsatian)

12-8-2021 Neera is a lovely mother of 4 beautiful boys. Updated pictures will come as soon as they are settled, warm and eating well and as mom gets acclimated.

12-18-2021 Neera's puppies are quiet (okay, one has quite a bit to say sometimes), slow thinkers and are doing their best to eat, sleep and grow. Not much action in these guys right now, just enjoying the warmth and being spoiled by mom.

12-28-2021 The puppies have had their first "taste" of real food today! Typically, when you show puppies food their first time, many if not almost all of them, will have to be "shown" where the food is. We will put their lips into the food, they will smell and taste it and most will immediately start eating quickly. Marvel wanted nothing to do with it and almost seemed offended that I would offer him something other than mom! LOL, too cute. He learned very quickly though, that the food was quite good and he ate for a short time.
Peter Parker heard/smelled and saw something going on near him (unbeknownst to him at the time, Stan Lee was eating like he hadn't eaten in years!) and had to check it out! He initially ate his brothers head... but when I showed him where the food was, he was quite happy to join him.
Marvel finished eating first and went to find mom quietly, Parker followed about 3 minutes later and Stan Lee was still there 7 minutes in! Let's just say, I think more was on his face than in his mouth!

Pictures, weights and testing scores will be posted tomorrow!

Neera's "Marvel" von Tudor

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue

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Neera's Peter "Parker" von Tudor

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Green

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Neera's Stan Lee von Tudor

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Black

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Tudor X Razor 2021

About the Litter (American Alsatian)

Vallecito's Little Bo Peep "Pebbles"

Sex: Female
Collar Color: Purple

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Tudor X Darpa (Darla) 2020

About the Litter (F3 American Alsatian)

Iron Heart Yellow
Darla's "Ironheart" Von Tudor

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Yellow

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