Ashley's "Naga" von Buck

Registration ID: BA4001-3 F4
Breed: F4 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Sept. 6, 2019
Sex: Male
Sire: Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont
Dam: Dorians Ashdown Forest Ashley von Boss
Litter: Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont X Dorians Ashdown Forest Ashley von Boss 2019



Ashely's Naga von Buck

42.3% German Shepherd Dog +

57.7% Mixed Ancestry

Birth Date: 9/6/2019

Activation Date: 2/8/2020

COI: 20%

1-17-22: A very large dog with large thick bones. Malamute looking. Probably a double Boss which is a Rainer pup.

Naga is what we are lacking in our stock, thus we KEEP him.

Black and creamish with sable or light undercoat. undercoat is more than guard hairs by way to much! But we can use a thicker coat in some of our stock.

Standoffish and a wild bucking bronko when the leash went on for the first time. Took three or four whirl winds and confusion to get him to understand 'placement'. Now he is as close as he can get to me (in-between legs) so he will not get jerked by the chain and leash. He HATES disapline and will do anything i ask for my approval. Because i am clear in my rules and CONSISTANT, he learned that i could be trusted and he would be loved and rewarded. Training now came easy. I LOVE this boy !

E Locus (MC1R)Can have a melanistic mask (EmEm)

K Locus (CBD103)More likely to have a mostly solid black or brown coat (KBky)

Intensity Loci LINKAGENo impact on coat pattern (Dilute Red Pigmentation)A Locus (ASIP)Not expressed (awa)

D Locus (MLPH)Dark areas of hair and skin are not lightened (DD)

B Locus (TYRP1)Black or gray hair and skin (BB)

Saddle Tan (RALY)Not expressed (NN)

S Locus (MITF)Likely solid colored, but may have small amounts of white (Ssp)

M Locus (PMEL)No merle alleles (mm)

H Locus (Harlequin)No harlequin alleles (hh)

Other Coat Traits

Furnishings (RSPO2) LINKAGELikely unfurnished (no mustache, beard, and/or eyebrows) (II)Coat Length (FGF5)Likely long coat (TT)

Shedding (MC5R)Likely light shedding (TT)

Hairlessness (FOXI3) LINKAGEVery unlikely to be hairless (NN)

Hairlessness (SGK3)Very unlikely to be hairless (NN)

Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 2 (SLC45A2) LINKAGELikely not albino (NN)

Coat Texture (KRT71)Likely straight coat (CC)

Other Body Features

Muzzle Length (BMP3)Likely medium or long muzzle (CC)

Tail Length (T)Likely normal-length tail (CC)

Hind Dewclaws (LMBR1)Unlikely to have hind dew claws (CC)

Blue Eye Color (ALX4) LINKAGELess likely to have blue eyes (NN)

Back Muscling & Bulk, Large Breed (ACSL4)Likely heavy muscling (TT)

Body Size

Body Size (IGF1)Larger (NN)

Body Size (IGFR1)Larger (GG)

Body Size (STC2)Larger (TT)

Body Size (GHR - E191K)Larger (GG)

Body Size (GHR - P177L)Larger (CC)


Altitude Adaptation (EPAS1)Normal altitude tolerance (GG)

Appetite (POMC) LINKAGENormal food motivation (NN)

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Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont Fremont Street Von Vegas River's Rock of Ages
Vega "Vegas"
Belatrix Lastrange Von Merlin Merlin (August West)
Rosie's Black Corona Von Storm
Dorians Ashdown Forest Ashley von Boss Boss Big Daddy Nadine's Blade Runner
Blossom's Stormy River (Sina)
Shenanigan's Dorian Von Boss Boss Big Daddy
Teegans's Shenanigans von Finnegan


Naga X Q-Leanna 2020

About the Litter (F2 Mastiff)

Naga X Trixy's Sela Red Dog Von Capone 2020

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Onyx Black
Sela's Okra Von Naga "Onyx"

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Black

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Naga X Anastasia 2021

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About This Litter: F-4's

NAGA Sire: ...(See pedigree below)  This is the Son of Lonestar, so these pups will be very close to looking like the Lonestar x Ana pups but there should be no chocolate pups in this litter. We shall see.
Ears: Up..
Eyes: light browns lightning up as they mature to yellow eyes
Conformation: spot on with LARGE feet and LARGE heads. Good sized bones.
Coat colors: Continuing the Dark black silver sables. All pups will be black at birth and lighten up with age. Some pups might have some gold on the head by the ears otherwise all silver sables. I will be keeping all reverse black sables.
Coat Medium length and some short coats. Perfect for the Dire Wolf look. 
Mask: Black masks and dark faces
Weight at maturity: 78-130 (both of these dogs throw small pup and large pups)
Height: Short, long and girthy. Tall enough for all of you guys. hoping for a longer body. When the dog stands up on his back legs he shall be 6 ft tall or taller.
Temperaments: We have some old Am Alsatian lines here with Vegas the Velcro bitch.. She just turned 6 now and is much better with strangers than when she was young. So we might get some 'standoffish' not friendly pups. Always better than the parents.
Those on the Malamute side: will do more of what you ask than the mal ever would. Very intelligent at birth and as a puppy. Should get one pup with a tad bit more of the Mal than the others. Just read the notes. Sensitive, kind, loving and velcro. I do believe some might be on the GSD side of the spectrum.
Naga, (Sanskrit: “serpent”) in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, a member of a class of mythical semidivine beings, half human and half cobra. They are a strong, handsome species who can assume either wholly human or wholly serpentine form and are potentially dangerous but often beneficial to humans. They live in an underground kingdom called Naga-loka, or Patala-loka, which is filled with resplendent palaces, beautifully ornamented with precious gems. The creator deity Brahma relegated the nagas to the nether regions when they became too populous on earth and commanded them to bite only the truly evil or those destined to die prematurely. They are also associated with waters—rivers, lakes, seas, and wells—and are guardians of treasure.

Naga Body Shot
Anastasia's "Noodle" Von Naga

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Orange

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Naga X Anastasia 2021

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Anastasia's Nano Von Naga "Neera"

Sex: Female
Collar Color: Yellow

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black napkin naga anastasia feb 2021
Anastasia's "Napkin" Von Naga

Sex: Female
Collar Color: Black

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Needle and Pepper pups
Anastasia's "Needle" Von Naga

Sex: Female
Collar Color: Red

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